In the event the lenders refuse to file a notice of claim under the terms of their loan policies that they required the borrower to purchase for them, the Royal Commission shall view the monthly payments made by borrowers, after having received this letter of correspondence, being personal property, as evidence of the war crime of pillaging because borrowers purchased the loan policy to pay for their debt in the event their title is defective or void. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE.
This letter of correspondence is to inform the American Land Title Association (ALTA) that based upon the facts and the relevant laws of the time, all land transactions done after January 17, 1893, to include deeds and mortgages, are void, not voidable.
One of the profound consequences of the prolonged occupation renders all judgments and orders of judicial or administrative courts of the United States in Hawai‘i, to include the State of Hawai‘i, void. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE.
Imposition of United States legislative and administrative measures constitutes the war crime of usurpation of sovereignty under customary international law. This includes the legislative and administrative measures of the State of Hawai‘i and its Counties. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE.
The report covers material elements of the legal status of land titles throughout the Hawaiian Kingdom. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE